What is Beyond Meat All About?

Vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike, looking for healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives to meat have never had it as good as they do today. With the amount knowledge we have about the health and environmental impacts of meat production, it’s no wonder that more and more people are reducing meat in their diet or eliminating it all together. While in the recent past it had been a bit of a struggle to find the right foods to have a properly balanced diet without meat, today, it’s not only easy to come across all the nutritional information we need but the products as well.

With the rise of the popularity of meat reduced or meat free diets, many new companies have been popping up to fill the demand for these kinds of foods. Gaining popularity are the companies producing meat-like products and there is good reason for this. So many of the wonderful moments in our lives have been based around meat, think about it. Roasting sausages over the campfire, weekend barbecues, hot dogs at the ball park or the street vendor outside of the office. Giving up meat unfortunately also means giving up many experiences we’ve been raised with, but it doesn’t have to.

There are two giants in this new plant based meat boom and you can find their plant based burgers, sausages and other meat substitute products in a supermarket near you. Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat which are both seeing astounding success in this new market. Not only that but they are run more like like innovative Silicon Valley companies rather than the traditional butcher shop.

Beyond Meat, founded in 2009 first started selling their plant based meat substitutes in the USA back in 2013, and in May of 2016 internationally. Their products seem to be very well accepted by the public, just last week the company went public raising hundred of millions of dollars for the company.

Impossible Foods, direct rivals to Beyond Meat seem to be sharing in the success of this growing industry equally well. The company remains private but have just finished a new round of funding, raising 300 million USD bringing the value of the company to $2 billion USD. It’s a brave new world we live in. Both companies seem to have very good reviews when it comes to the taste of their products, which is essential in getting people to switch from eating real meat.

Eating meat increases the risk of cancer by 16%, heart disease by 21%. It’s estimated that around 50% of global green house gas emissions are driven by raising livestock and everything associated with it, such as transport. Around 80% of agricultural land is taken up by raising livestock – according to Beyond Meat. With statistics like these it’s no wonder that companies like this are prospering, more and more people are demanding alternatives.

The editors at Food Technology Magazine are predicting that the meat free cuisine trend will continue to climb in 2019 and beyond. These products are viewed by consumers as not only healthier than meat but also environmentally friendly, and the latest versions of plant based meat products are very close to looking like and tasting like real meat.