Top Exercises For Gaining Serious Muscle Mass

Everyone wants to utilize the time spent in the gym in the best way possible. But frustration may kick in due to the sheer number of workouts and machines one has to choose from especially if your goal is to gain muscle mass in the shortest time possible.

Which are the best exercises for gaining serious muscle mass?

I am glad you asked. The simple answer is that these are the exercises that use your body weight as resistance while moving it through space isolation and compound movements. When your body weight is in involved a distress call is sent to the brain indicating that you may be in danger. At this point, every fiber is deployed to the muscles for repair. In simpler terms, the best exercises to gain muscle are the ones that require your stabilizing muscles with your body weight as the resistance.

I am going to walk you through the four most effective ones that will maximize your results in the shortest time possible. It’s important to note that you may have to lower your expectations if you are expecting overnight success. There is nothing elegant about them, in fact, most people will sidestep them considering they take quite a toll on the body.

1. Squats

I have to admit that squats may not be one of the most popular workouts but their benefits are numerous. This explains why many people prefer the leg extension and leg press machine hoping for good leg development. But contrary to popular belief squats aren’t just for the legs, they work on the whole body and cause muscle increment almost everywhere. Therefore, they cannot be evaded if you are aiming at building thick muscles in the entire body. The trick here is doing them consistently every week.


Deadlifts are not reserved for powerlifters only, actually, this is a misconception. Instead, they are one of the most effective muscle building exercises if done properly. lifting an extremely heavy weight off the ground will challenge your body like never before, forcing it to deploy a huge amount of muscle fibers to assist in the lift. Research has shown that deadlifts will increase the amount of testosterone in the body.


This exercise is ideal for beginners who need to build slabs of muscles. Advanced trainees may also require it to steadily push the body to the next level. Weighted dips specialize on the triceps, Shoulders, and chest. You can use regular muscle building routines to build lean mass, but if you want quick results then go for weighted dips.


I consider this to be one of the best exercises to gain muscle mass on the bicep. It forces you to stabilize and the body has to adapt quickly. Using your body weight you effectively target the biceps. If the routine becomes too easy a barbell can be held by your feet to increase resistance. Do this consistently every week and that V shape indicating a well-developed upper back may not be far from your sights.

Machines may look fancy but if you want to gain mass fast go for the above exercises they will rarely let you down. I may be already sounding like a broken record but I have repeat that fast results only come with doing the exercises consistently with dedication. Lift heavier and heavier every week. GOOD LUCK