The 5 most influential youtube fitness celebs

It can be difficult to determine who the most influential YouTube fitness celebrities are, but luckily, we’ve scoured around and managed to find the biggest and best.

XHIT Daily

Headed by three different women – namely, Rebecca-Lousie Smith, Kelsey Lee, and Cynthia Dallas – the main philosophy here is being able to do quick, effective workouts no matter where you are. They also seem to focus on developing workouts that can help you create a body similar to celebrities; because of that, they often host videos that show you how to develop legs and a body shape similar many popular celebrities.

However, these video also show you quick, effective workouts that don’t take up too much of your time during the day, and that can be done pretty much anywhere.

Fitness Blender

This YouTube account is run by Daniel and Kelli, a married couple with backgrounds in nutrition. Both of them have extensive background in the likes of nutrition and more, so they bring a more scientific background to fitness, while still keeping it pretty fun. That’s in contrast to a number of different YouTube fitness accounts currently around.

They look at how your body works and fit workouts and diets around that; it’s not about quick results, it’s about building your body in a feasible, scientifically backed way.


Headed by Cassey Ho, the main focus of Blogilates seems to be about crafting a well-toned body. It’s well known for its use of Pop music – hence the term Pop Pilates – which adds to how upbeat her and her videos are. Another major philosophy behind this seems to be about having fun while you’re working out.

While Cassey Ho is definitely upbeat and fun, the fact that there’s music that you can actually enjoy while you’re working out to it adds a whole lot more.

Six Pack Shortcuts

Six Pack Shortcuts focus almost exclusively on buidling six packs in a quick way. Run by a team of bodybuilders, they each bring a different way to quickly get yourself in shape and get yourself a six pack as quick as possible. However, they also focus on the nutritional side of it.

The workout routines they go through, as well as all of the nutritional advice they come out with, is all geared toward getting that six pack. At the end of the day, their main philosophy seems to be purely about developing the best-looking body possible.

Althean X

This is another Youtube Fitness instructor whose philosophy is using science in order to help create a better body. Because of that, host Jeff Cavaliere goes through a number of different excercises and how they affect your body. He’s well known for informational videos, such as which excercises not to do and how they can negatively affect your body.

Best known as the strength coach for the New York Mets for quite a while, he’s an expert in creating healthy excercises that actually build your muscle without doing any overall damage. Because of that, his excercises are less likely to cause any injuries.